About ME

I was born on a sweltering August day in Ada, OK, and since then I haven’t slowed down. Starting soccer at the age of four (played until I was 17), even dabbling in wrestling and track in junior high, it was becoming quite clear that I was never going to be one for sitting idle. I was very active in many different clubs and organizations throughout my schooling in Choctaw, OK: Vice-President of German Club, Sergeant at Arms in Key Club, National Honor Society, and Drama Club—just to name a few.

After high school, I relocated to Wichita, KS. There, at Wichita State University, after making my way through a few different majors, I eventually found my passion in Graphic Design. Before graduation, I began an internship at the Coleman Company. This is where it all started. In the five years that followed, Coleman allowed me to experience ideas and planning on a global level that I still use with my clients to this day.

After the Coleman Company, (and a quick pit stop at another company) I began working in the magazine industry. It was amazing. From advertising to content layout, it was the perfect fit for me. I have worked on multiple magazines including: WomensFocus, Naked City, ICT Music + Art, and Vype High School Sports.

Along with magazines I love working with small and large clients, helping with their branding, collateral, web presence, and any other aspect of design they need assistance with.

In addition to design, I have been, and will forever be, a nerd. Comic books, movies, TV shows and console gaming are how I spend a lot of nights, when I’m not hanging out with friends or visiting family.